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Want results like these?
“I went from undercharging to $100k clients.”
“Got home from your event and had a $78k month.”
“I took a leap of faith and sold over $8k in coaching services in a single month”
We’ve got you covered.
Welcome to Yager Training.
Yager Training educates and certifies coaches, speakers, and trainers and transforms them into elite & empowered leaders.
How do we accomplish this?
Through the power of our signature Modern NLP™ framework.
What is Modern NLP™?
Modern NLP™ is one of the most effective methods to shift outdated, unhelpful beliefs, change your behavior, and create massive results in your life and business. This translates to deeper connections, increased confidence, and more sales.

At Yager Training, we do NLP in a whole new way. We’ve removed the clinical, jargon-filled, stuffy elements and modernized and upgraded the toolkit to help you wake up and actualize your full potential.

With us, you’ll experience lasting breakthroughs in record time.

Ready to uplevel every corner of your life – your money, your business, your relationships, and more?

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These chill, 30-minute Zoom sessions are anything but casual when it comes to results. Get ready to blow apart your excuses, reinvigorate your goals, and change your life.

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If you’ve got a flatlined Coaching practice, this exhilarating & comprehensive program reshapes you into a sought-after leader with clients clamoring to buy up everything you’re selling.
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Grow your empire to 6- or 7-figures with this elite tier program that transforms you into one of the world’s top Professional Speakers and Master NLP Trainers.
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