Stop winging it + Own your worth.

Elite Business Academy (EBA)

The Elite Business Academy (EBA) is a 6-month group mentorship program that helps you create a profitable first-class business strategy, smooth out the bumpy ride, and finally have more time, energy and freedom.

This (fun) done-with-you program will put you on the fast-track to more clarity, confidence, and profits.

The Elite Business Academy (EBA) includes a COMMUNITY of like-minded business owners, weekly ACCOUNTABILITY, business strategy TRAINING, done-for-you TEMPLATES, group COACHING + 1:1 support.

Everything you need to be set up for (mega) success.

The best part is you’ll finally stop trading time for money and have a clear, customized strategy to scale your business in a way that honors your work & worth.

Before you go any further, let me be clear.

Elite Business Academy (EBA) is FOR a men and women business owner who:


Believes that there are no quick fixes or magic bullets, and knows that having the right advisor and a community to hold you accountable are the keys to success.


Wants a clear path to more clarity, more confidence, and feels ready to take full control of your future.


Craves an amazing community of supportive and passionate entrepreneurs to lean on for advice and cheer you along your journey.


Is ready to take (imperfect) action and baby-step through fears and doubts to live the life of your dream.

Elite Business Academy (EBA) is NOT for a men and women business owner who:


Does not have a business concept in mind. This program is designed for women who are running a business that they want to scale up and step up further as a leader (while not burning out).


Is not open to new possibilities or already have everything figured out.


Will not invest time to work on your business or show up for yourself.


Prefers a done-for-you service. This is a done-with-you program where you LEARN business strategies, DO the work to apply the strategies to your business using the tools provided, and then GET feedback.

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What’s Included?

One-On-One Support From Your Business Coach, ME (TERRA)

New Client On-Boarding Session

5-Year Plan Review Session

Exclusive, Video Reviews of Your Completed Workbooks

Private, VIP Session to Review and Improve Your Completed Business Map™

Group Coaching, Community
+ Accountability

Group Coaching Sessions (1 x a month)

Live (but, yes…recorded) Master Class Training with Workbooks (1 x a month)

Weekly Accountability (takes you less than 10 minutes)

Fun Challenges That Get You Results

All The Business Strategy Training To Co-Create Your Business Map™

Set Up Your Business Basics + Operations

Make Decisions Simple by Putting Your Core Values to Work in Your Business

Create Your Million Dollar Brand (No Matter Your Budget)

How to Feel Good and Give Back Using Your

Fill-In-The-Blank Templates, Tools + Resources

Tool: 5-Year Planning Workbook

Resource: All Business Strategy Training Slides

Resource: Professional Bio Examples

Resource: How to Write Your Vision Statement with Examples

Tool: Unbiased Feedback on Your Head Shot


Bonus #1: 6 “Live” Online Workshops – value $1200 As an ACCELERTAOR member, you’ll get additional business workshops on a monthly basis from both Terra + experts that are from her own inner circle. These workshops will be educational and “roll up your sleeves” to get to work. (Yes, all be recorded so if you miss it live, you can catch the video.)

How the Elite Business Academy (EBA) Works.

The ACCELERATOR is a 3-part journey that leads you step-by-step to your ultimate business success.


Now Boarding.

  • 1:1 On-Boarding Session.
  • Create Your 5-Year Plan.
  • Access to Training Portal.
  • Mindset Success.
  • Business Map™ Foundation.


Take Flight.

  • Create Your Core Business Strategies
  • Final Business Map™.
  • VIP (1:1) Business Map™ Review Session.
  • Weekly Accountability.
  • Coaching-on-Demand


Cruising Altitude.

  • Group Coaching.
  • Community.
  • Connections.
  • Additional Support.
  • 1:1 Celebration Session.

“If you’re looking to scale without the stress, Terra Bohlmann can help! Bye bye shiny object syndrome — Terra will help you stay focused on what matters most.

With her Business Map Method™, you’ll create an inspiring five-year plan to ensure you’re building a business and life that brings you true joy!”

– Selena Soo, Creator of Impacting Millions

Frequently Asked Questions.

"Do I get 1:1 Access to You, Terra?"

Yes! In ten years, I’ve never had a client say that I wasn’t available to her. You’ll get Voxer app access, plenty of 1:1 support in our group, and if we need to hop on a private session to get you a result, that will happen for you as needed. My intention is that you feel fully supported with enough 1:1 attention and part of our group, too.

"What Results Can I Expect?

Your results will vary from everyone else’s because you can expect what time and energy you put in the ACCELERATOR to make you and your business a priority. You should expect to co-create your Business Map™ and participate in the activities to maximize your ROI.

"How Much Time With This Take?"

I would assume more time in the beginning while we are working through your Business Map™ and getting you clarity on your entire business model. 3-5 hours a week, but you can work your own pace. After that, I would mentally commit to 2-4 hours a week or more if you want to be an over-achiever. 🙂

"Is the ACCELERATOR a Mastermind?"

The ACCELERATOR is not a Mastermind, but you do get to be part of a community of like-minded women. I do host a premier Mastermind for women business owners making 6-figures and above. If you want to find out more reach out to me via my Contact page.

"How is the Training Delivered?"
You’ll have access to your own private portal for the training with a login and password. The training is delivered by videos, workbooks, and templates. However on a monthly basis, we will have “live” training that is in addition to the portal training. If you ever get “stuck”, you’ll have access to me anytime via Voxer, email, or Facebook Messenger. 🙂 If we need to hop on a quick 1:1 session, we can do that, too.
"How Do I Know if I'm Ready?"
If you are nervous and excited, you are ready. As long as you are ready to take the steps necessary to create the business you’ve always wanted, you are ready. I understand the investment may be scary, but rest assured that the value of this program is higher than most $25K coaching programs. This investment is for the future of your business and your personal growth.

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