Enhance Your Communication Skills

Communication has been around for ages, right.  Throughout the caveman times and all the innovation with how we interact with one another, communication has been a big part of the equation.  The way we communicate to ourselves and with others has such an impact.  Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to improve out communication so we can create a better society?

One’s communication skills (i.e. abilities, knowledge, and traits) are crucial in how a person gives and receives information.  You could be calling a friend, meeting with clients, sending a text to your mom, emailing your boss, or doing anything that involves communication.


To say that communication is nearly everything is an understatement.  Having good communication skills is something that can foster a strong work environment and achieve more goals together

Can you imagine not communicating?  No one would know what other people are doing, duplication of efforts would be a likely by-product, and innovation would be limited.  Communication is at the heart of our daily lives.  When communication is done well, expectations and responsibilities can be clearly communicated, different viewpoints can be shared, people feel a sense of being respected and relationships can blossom and grow.  Wouldn’t it be beneficial to hone our skills to enhance all the aforementioned?

Knowing how to communicate with others is paramount.  There are four different types of communication that we will discuss briefly:

  1. Verbal communication:  this involves what we say and hear from others where in person, over the phone or in a video chat.  Verbal communication is speaking and listening.  Listening is one of the most important aspects of communicating, which we can cover in another topic.

2. Nonverbal communication:  this encompasses the messages we convey without verbally communicating.  This could include one’s body language, how we dress and present ourselves, and even the way we pace ourselves when talking and our tone of voice.

3. Written communication:  this is the written expression of information through actual text.  Written communication includes emails, text messages, social media posts, itineraries, etc.

4. Visual communication:  this includes the pictures, murals, images, graphs, bar graphs, etc.  The visual communication can be an expression of one’s brand and values.

There are several ways to improve your communication skills.  Register for the upcoming Elite Coaching Academy (ECA) Level I to get all the knowledge.  You can be a better communicator sooner than you may think possible. 

~ Amie, Master Coach

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