Master Coach

Hello! I’m Forrest.

I look forward to working with you as your Master Coach at Yager Training. I am motivated to share the tools we have to assist you to reclaim your mind and your life.

Live in Saint George, Utah and love to exercise, spend time with friends, hike, and learn new things.

My coaching zone is to get people to high self esteem, own their worth and orient their perspective towards what they want.

Let’s go all in!


My Coaching

High empathy with a strong move towards taking full ownership and changing my client’s story.
I never let my clients settle for limitations and help expand their vision to go bigger.

The bigger the goals, the greater the growth.

Why I love

I love the people as they come, commit and grow. It’ s thrilling and exciting to hear their voices as they are making strides and getting what they want.

I love to dig in as they discover more about themselves due to the feedback as they are taking action

My Personal

My personal journey with NLP came at the time when I was most open and ready to explore it. I was originally sold on the idea that I could help people break out of fear and take action. I felt that it was a billion dollar skillset.

When I took the courses and got certified, I learned NLP could do that and so much more. I was able to enhance all areas of life. It truly has become a lifestyle.

But, this is about Your Journey

I’ll help you get to complete ownership, build full rapport with your unconscious mind, and
maintain action until you accomplish your outcome. Then, reset and do it all over again.

I’ve experienced how NLP changes
People’s Lives

My dear friend found himself 450 pounds, depressed and suicidal. He had many parts playing out, and had family that had committed suicide. (delete delete)

He was acting like a complete mess. Through coaching, and a NLP training, he broke through his depression, got a job making over $150k per year doing what he loves. He’s lost over 200 pounds, and is slaying life. His mindset, emotions, assumptions, all changed for the better.

Interesting Things
About Me

I have lived in Japan, China, and the Philippines.

My father is a famous author, and I have been training his writing groups with NLP.

I have a deep passion for different cultures, people, and mindsets.

Like to go extreme/go "all in" when I decide to do something.

My favorite place I've traveled to is Japan.

Enjoy Assessments?
Here’s my results.

My Myers Briggs: ENFP-A

My Human Design Type: Manifesting Generator

My Enneagram: 2w3 / 3w2 with 9 right below

My Love Language: Words of Affirmation

“F**k it, Go all in!

Master Coach Forrest, Yager Training Company
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