NLP in Your Business

A movement has taken place in our economy. Major companies such as American Express, Mercedes Benz, General Electric, Keller Williams currently request that their employees get trained in NLP. Those are just to name a few. Companies have recognized how learning NLP makes an impact on employee performance and are reaping the benefits.

NLP was initially created to help people in therapy produce consistent and predictable results. Many techniques developed were able to rid people of phobias, anxieties, alleviate stress and a host of other “symptoms”.  However, being able to identify ways that people think, feel, perceive, communicate and make changes made NLP ideal for business.

Great communicators in the world of business have a few things in common. They effectively are able to get their message across, present magically and are persuasive. The tools within NLP allow us to break down into pieces how influence and communication occurs. Anyone then can learn these skills and elevate their position.

In the context of business, NLP is useful in many ways. Let’s take a look at the following examples of where it can apply.


Employers recognize the benefit of developing communication, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.  Learning to use powerful language patterns can empower as well as to motivate people towards a specific outcome is one of the valuable skills to learn in NLP.  Learning how to discriminate between nonverbal cues, unconscious communication and tone of voice allows people to read and speak in a way that creates positive engagement.


To the extent a leader is attuned with their team, the performance of the team will follow. NLP teaches how to build rapport and maintain strong connections with their team when it matters most. Leaders also can learn how language impacts others and how to use it consciously with volition. Because language is an unconscious process, many people speak unconsciously unaware of the assumptions and presuppositions inherent in how they speak. Being unaware can lead to disruption of key relationships.

Leadership is accelerated by empowering properly communicating the vision for the business. This can align the team’s purpose which has a positive effect on moral, productivity, goals and outcomes for the business.


According the National Institute for Mental Health, the number one fear, besides the fear of death, is public speaking.  NLP teaches powerful techniques that allows a person to go on stage and speak their gifts and talents to the public without stress or fear. 

NLP teaches the trainer or public speaker to access optimal states while performing or speaking on stage. This allows the presenter to create emotional states that influences and impacts the audience optimally.

NLP teaches how a presenter’s hands and body can be used to install universal ideas and concepts to their audience outside of awareness.


Utilizing NLP techniques and processes can lead to greater confidence, presence, mental clarity and using precision while communicating what’s really important to you.

  • Learn to master your emotions and learn to respond resourcefully regardless of external circumstances.
  • Act and make decisions in a calm, relaxed and controlled state.
  • Self-assurance, confidence, and motivation maximizes your presence in business.
  • Use language with volition and precision to obtain your desired outcome. Have the ability to communicate and articulate views and ideas with laser focus that help maximize time.  One can create and engage in compelling and persuasive arguments and win.
  • Motivate and inspire your team to action. Learn behavioral flexibly while also learning how to change your own behavior and the behavior of others.


Most people are not consciously aware that people have what we call, “a buying strategy.” There is a particular structure and thought process that occurs when people decide to buy.  The average salesperson is taking a shot in the dark, hoping they are talking to the right person. Instead, they can learn how sell to people in a way that feels good and naturally leads to the client desiring to buy.

Learning how to consciously be aware of buyers thought process increases sales exponentially.

Shifting buyers into a desired state is an essential skill set in the sales process and negotiation.  Gaining agreement along with maintaining state awareness is essential and central to closing a deal.

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