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We work with Coaches, Consultants, Thought Leaders, & Entrepreneurs

We have researched heavily and discovered that much personal growth & development programs and courses out there have roots that lead back to our NLP foundational training; this means our training has the solid foundation that most people must start with in order to build upon a powerful level that can take them exactly where they want to go.


Learn the Master Techniques of the Mind & Body Connection

Learn how our environment affects our minds, bodies and our emotions.  By getting empowered with this knowledge you can take back control of your emotional health and awareness of whats blocking you from success.


Advanced Language Knowledge

Learn new techniques that build upon everything you learned in the Practitioner Training.  Advanced Patterns of NLP, Sales Language that will give you confidence going into any sales or situation that may feel confrontational and have the tools to come out on the other side to negotiate a win, win deal.


Training and Format Design - Public Speaking / Group Coaching

Learn how people learn information in a training, sales setting or teaching to effectively get the information in the mind so that your audience remembers what you teach and your on their top of mind awareness.


How to Model - Mental Programing Techniques to Create Massive Success

You experience group exercises that allow you to clear out projections and take the concept of focusing on what you want, to a metaphysical level to drive personal growth and business alignment.

4 Advanced Certifications in One Training

Master Advanced NLP

Learn advanced Master Level NLP techniques that build upon the Practitioner level trainings.  Advanced Language Patterns, Tools to broaden your skills to get out of any situation by having the power to use words as your secret weapon

Time Line Therapy® Advanced

Master the skill set of what Time Line Therapy® brings to the table in personal growth and professional growth.  Whether you are a coach or in business these advanced techniques will take any organization to optimal growth by way of the performance of it’s people.  “A clear mind will create clear results!”

Master Hypnosis

The unconscious mind is under utilized and not congruent for most individuals in life.  Grab ahold of advanced techniques covered in the Master Practitioner Training that are centuries old and how to use this ancient wisdom in todays technology world and for future success.

NLP Master Coach

If your an entrepreneur, business owner or work for a business then by now you know how powerful it is to have sophisticated coaching abilities when leading a team, running systems and working with clients.  What we teach in this part of the training is like no other training you will find world wide.

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"I had a lot of insecurities. After this training I feel I can conquer anything"

-Marisol Espinosa

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Austin, TX

July 6th - 20th 2020

1Registration at 9:00am10:00am - 8:00pm
2-13Extra Practice 10am-12pm1:00pm - 8:00pm
14Graduation at 6:00pm10:00am - 7:00pm

$ 6,995

per person

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