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NLP Trainer's Training

In a life-changing 18 DAYS, become a world-class speaker, learn how to captivate and convert any audience, and get the tools and detailed roadmap of how to craft a spellbinding presentation.    

Whether you are a professional or aspiring speaker, an entrepreneur or a leader in your business, at NLP Trainer's Training, you will learn the best and most effective way to nail down your message while utilizing the tools, technology and techniques of advanced NLP.  

Through the personalized and customized training, you will amplify the power of your presence to impact your audience through effective communication and sales from stage.

No matter the presentation - business, workshops, keynotes, pitches, webinars, or even livestreams, you WILL have the tools to convert your audience into paying customers!

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Save over $2,700 When You Enroll TODAY (Normally $13,995)!

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What's You'll Get:

You will turn listeners into raving fans.
You will learn effective storytelling, captivating through metaphors.
You will understand how to persuade and engage from stage.
You will be able to use hypnotic language patterns easily and effortlessly.
You will organize your thoughts and ideas by utilizing the power of NLP.
You will know exactly what to expect, and how to control a group.
You will achieve and understand complete vocal control.
You will identify and eliminate any bad speaking habits you may have.
You will master non-verbal communication to groups.
You will understand how to lead a training and transform lives and facilitate group dynamics.
You will be challenged and pushed to your limits.  
At this LIVE in-person event, experience your own personal breakthrough

Why Yager Training?  

The world is changing - you know it.  That's why you're learning more and sharpening your skills.

But if you've ever felt like when push comes to shove, you fall back into old habits and you're unable to rise to the occasion, then you need this training.

The most successful people in the world realize they don't have to reinvent the wheel.  All they need to do is model what works.  

Wouldn't you rather focus on your message, on your special gift, rather than on recreating the roadmap?  You have the potential to generate massive wealth and transformation.  

If you want a roadmap to success - for your clients AND your bank account, NLP Trainers Training is the EXACT blueprint you need!  

What if every single presentation you gave (no matter the audience size) was delivered with the polish, charisma, and excellence that allowed you not only to stand out in a crowd, but to be the ONLY CHOICE?

Invest in your skillset, get your next tool set , and have an edge on your competition.

Yager Training is the ONLY NLP Training company that mentors in the BUSINESS of COACHING and SPEAKING. 
Through an intense 6-months of support, you'll be challenged to grow and become a better coach and entrepreneur than you thought possible!   

Hear from some of our past students:

Michelle Norris,
PaleoFX Founder

Dr. Denise Simpson,
Leadership Coach

Christin Menendez,
Breakthrough Master Coach

Still Have Questions?

How much can I earn as a Speaker?

How much you make as a speaker is highly variable.  Keynote speakers often are paid $10,000 (or more) for a single speech, with breakout session speakers paid anywhere from $1,000 on up.  However, if you're able to pitch your product(s) or have a coaching program you can promote, you could easily earn up to $100,000 on one single event. 

How is Yager Training different from other trainings?

We can say with 100% confidence, if you will take the coaching, your life will be dramatically different.  Whatever outcome you want to achieve, whatever blocks you're facing, however effective you are with your current clients or customers...if you take the coaching, you will get everything you want, need, and didn't even expect!   

We LOVE coaches, but if you're not able to support yourself FINANCIALLY, you won't be able to coach for long!  One of our top priorities is seeing you succeed financially as well as technically.  We offer a step-by-step roadmap of what you need to be successful with your coaching BUSINESS.

We have dedicated coaches who will challenge you each and every week for 6 months following the training.  If you're unsure about ANYTHING, you can reach out during the group coaching calls or if necessary setup a one-on-one session with your coach.

What kind of support will I get?

You will get 6 months of group coaching as well as one-on-one coaching as needed.  We have monthly Q&A sessions for all levels, so you will also see what challenges and wins others are experiencing.

You will also be part of a community of like-minded coaches and entrepreneurs who all want to support one another.  You will have an opportunity to practice the skills you learned in the training with others as well as getting amazing testimonials and tips from others in the group.

How is this different from the "Big Guy"s events?

We absolutely LOVE "the big guy" and realize he was the granddaddy of the coaching world.  He made coaching accessible for the world!  

We are NOT affiliated with him and absolutely respect his events.  While you're there, you'll be getting an experience, not learning how to do what he does.  

At our events you will be learning exactly how and what we do to achieve results in our own $50k private client sessions - as we develop and update techniques, you will benefit as well!  

We will provide exact scripts, the science behind everything, as well as demonstrations seeing the tools in use.

What support materials do I get with Trainers Training?

Even if you're not specifically training on NLP, QTT, or Hypnosis, you will be able to adapt all the materials for broader appeal.  

You will get the slide decks and manuals to be able to put on your own Practitioner level event for NLP, QTT, and Hypnosis.  

Additionally you'll be receiving the materials for your own 3-day funnel training event allowing you to convert warm traffic to paying customers.  

What exactly IS NLP?

NLP stands for "Neuro Linguistic Programming" which is a fancy way of saying, it's how you can unlock the unconscious mind. A lot of methods today deal with the conscious mind, which can be helpful for understanding things, but doesn't do much to rewire habits and thought processes.  NLP allows you to dig out the root of issues and change the fundamental way you process thoughts, beliefs, and habits.   

Why should I get trained in NLP?

For professional coaches and therapists, NLP, Quantum Transformation, and Hypnosis can rapidly increase results in your clients desired outcomes.  

With our certifications, you will not only receive training on NLP but also on how to structure an entire coaching business.  

Get lasting results instead of the yo-yo effect!  Many coaches and therapists get short-term results that don't persist.  This is because you are only talking to the client's conscious mind, and not the unconscious mind, which is the driving factor in many deep-seated issues.  NLP, QT, and Hypnosis unlocks the key to having a FAST, EFFECTIVE, and LASTING transformation in the client.  

About the instructors

Deb & Brandon Yager

Deb and Brandon founded Yager Training in 2010 as a premier NLP and personal growth training company.  Every training is designed so the students not only get world-class instruction but they each have the opportunity to experience a personal breakthrough though the course of the training.  

Based in Austin, TX and serving clients internationally, Yager Training helps transform their clients to be their most confident, healthy, capable versions of themselves by releasing what holds them back from their greatness and joy.  

Today, Yager Training has helped over 1,000 professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs unlock the power of their minds, sparking shifts that have led to improved health and greater success personally and professionally.

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Course Length:  18 days
Dec 1-18th, 2021 or 2022
Followup support: 6 months
Difficulty: Advanced

EXCLUSIVE Limited-time Pricing:  

Save Over $2,700 When You Enroll TODAY Normally $13,995!

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