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Increase Health, Improve Energy & Sleep

The best and most effective transformation technique that can produce almost instant results!  

Learn how to unlock the secrets of the unconscious mind allowing you to catapult results in all areas of life and health.  

Reprogram your unhealthy habits and transform them into positive, healthy, and supportive new habits.

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How Hypnosis Will Change Your Life:

Experience the thrill of your own subconscious breakthroughs
Uncover what's preventing you from finding what inspires and motivates you and get laser focused on your life goals
Reprogram bad habits lock in new healthy behaviors permanently
Discover the power of self-hypnosis 
Eliminate bad habits and addictions like over-eating and smoking 
Improve your health through better sleep, rest and recover by falling asleep fast and effortlessly and staying asleep all night
Get certified to facilitate hypnosis breakthroughs with your friends and family

Why Hypnosis?  

Do you ever experience low energy, insomnia, uncontrollable eating habits?  

Through Hypnosis you are able to connect to the real part of you that's driving the unhealthy habits and behaviors.  

How long have you wanted to change those habits?  How long have you wanted a better quality of life and health?  With Hypnosis you will take your life to a new level!  You can help you and your family gain clarity, heighten your focus and performance.   

Learn powerful Self-Hypnosis inductions to create high performance habits. 

Invest in your skillset, get your next talent stack, and have an more balanced life of fulfillment and happiness.  

Still Have Questions?

What exactly IS hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a process which the practitioner and the client work together to create a relaxed, suggestable state where the client is receptive to suggestions to achieve the desired results. 

What if I fall asleep?

Even though Hypnosis can induce sleep, that's not normally the case.  Hypnosis induces a "Trance State" which is a natural frame of mind where you drift between the conscious and unconscious mind.  If you've ever watched a movie and couldn't remember the details, or have driven somewhere and don't recall anything along the drive, you were in a trance state.  

Will I do anything strange or weird?

Hypnosis is a "done-with" process that is nothing more than a very relaxed state of mind.  Because you are a willing participant, you will only do something you are fully willing to do.  No Hypnosis practitioner can force someone to do something against their will.  However, if you're willing to imagine creating a prosperous, healthy, joyful life, you'll be able to do that by using Hypnosis.  

Who is Hypnosis for?

Hypnosis is a fast and effective method of accessing the subconscious mind which can benefit anyone looking to improve their health, reduce anxiety, or eliminate addictions. 

Health Coaches, Life Coaches, High-performance coaches, professionals, business owners, Hypnosis can help in all areas of life.  

Why should I get trained in hypnosis?

For professional coaches and therapists, hypnosis can rapidly increase results in your clients desired outcomes.  

With our certification, you will not only receive training on hypnosis but also on how to structure an entire practice based on hypnosis.  

Get lasting results instead of the yo-yo effect!  Many coaches and therapists get short-term results that don't persist.  This is because you are only talking to the client's conscious mind, and not the unconscious mind, which is the driving factor in many deep-seated issues.  Hypnosis unlocks the key to having a FAST, EFFECTIVE, and LASTING transformation in the client.  

How much can I earn as a Hypnosis Practitioner?

Depending on the client agreement, Hypnosis practitioners can charge as little as $150 a session up to $15,000 for a full client breakthrough.  

About the instructors

Deb & Brandon Yager

Deb and Brandon founded Yager Training in 2010 as a premier NLP and personal growth training company.  Every training is designed so the students not only get world-class instruction but they each have the opportunity to experience a personal breakthrough though the course of the training.  

Based in Austin, TX and serving clients internationally, Yager Training helps transform their clients to be their most confident, healthy, capable versions of themselves by releasing what holds them back from their greatness and joy.  

Today, Yager Training has helped over 1,000 professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs unlock the power of their minds, sparking shifts that have led to improved health and greater success personally and professionally.

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Course Length:  3 days
Follow-up support: 6 months
Followup support: 6 months
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