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Learn the techniques and tools to transform your business!

NLP is the secret weapon that all great speakers, CEOs, marketers, and sales people use.  Discover how to harness the power of NLP in your own business to create the life and business of your dreams.  

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If you work with people, then you need The Yager Method!  

NLP is the foundational way to understand how your thoughts and beliefs directly influence your behavior and your results while giving you the tools to change them.

This training is for you if you:

Hesitate to charge what you're worth
Worry about (or avoid) following up and "bothering people"
Miss sales opportunities because you don't lean into your offer
Have inconsistent sales (up and down)
Afraid to answer objections boldly
Spending time on stuff that's not truly important

If you see yourself in any of this - understand this: You are not alone AND it doesn’t have to be this hard. Your past programming is betraying you. You’re lying to yourself unconsciously.  Let us help you accelerate profits as a facilitator, coach, entrepreneur, healer, or light worker.

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About the trainers

Deb & Brandon Yager

Deb and Brandon founded Yager Training in 2010 as a premier NLP and personal growth training company.  Every training is designed so the students not only get world-class instruction but they each have the opportunity to experience a personal breakthrough though the course of the training.  

Based in Austin, TX and serving clients internationally, Yager Training helps transform their clients to be their most confident, healthy, capable versions of themselves by releasing what holds them back from their greatness and joy.  

Today, Yager Training has helped over 2,500 professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs unlock the power of their minds, sparking shifts that have led to improved health and greater success personally and professionally.

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Course Length:  3 days
Follow-up support: 6 months
Followup support: 6 months
Difficulty: Beginner

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