Refunds and Cancellations

Last updated: February 28, 2021

  1. TUITION INFORMATION:  By completing the checkout, you agree to pay Yager Training, Company, LLC. (“YTC”), the tuition amount agreed for the selected event or training. Tuition includes the session(s) and applicable course materials. Transportation, lodging and food costs are not included (unless stated otherwise).
  2. TRANSFER:  Subject to the applicable transfer fees, you may transfer dates one time; provided however that such transfer shall only be valid for an additional 12 months from the start date of the event  from which you are transferring. You must do so by notifying us in writing. If you choose to transfer, you relinquish your priority standing in the program for which you were enrolled, and your transfer is subject to availability of the next event. If you transfer within 90 days of your scheduled program, because it would be extremely difficult and impractical to assess the actual damages suffered by us because of your transfer, then as administrative fee, and not as a penalty, the following amounts apply, and in the cases other than forfeiture, will be added to any unpaid balance of your tuition for the event.  Less than 30 days before the event, $500; 31-60 days before the event, $300; 61-90 days before the event, $250.
  3. PAYMENT: Full Payment in full is due at the time you sign up for your selected event(s) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
    1. Default: If you do not pay your tuition by the agreed-upon payment terms, then you will be considered in default of this Agreement. You will forfeit your enrollment. YTC will have the right to terminate this contract, and upon such termination, you will be subject to the Damages Fee set forth below.
    2. 72-Hour Cancellation: You may cancel this transaction without penalty or obligation by submitting to Yager Training Company, LLC, a signed and dated written notice postmarked prior to midnight of the third business day after the date you signed up for the event. If you were given or sent any books, manual, or physical goods as part of your enrollment, the refund can only be processed after returning these in perfect condition, otherwise your refund will be adjusted accordingly to the cost of replacement.  Your notice must be mailed or delivered to Yager Training Company, LLC ATTN: REFUNDS, 2028 E. Ben White Blvd. Suite 240-2305, Austin, TX 78741.  Emailed or faxed notices are not acceptable. (Note: Refunds can take approximately 4-6 weeks to post to your account.)
    3. Ineligible Events for Refunds:  Digital Products, Huna Training deposits, 3 Day Business Breakthrough tuition, and 3-Day Hypnosis tuition, is not eligible for a refund and is non-transferable.
    4. Payment plans:  If you have enrolled in a payment plan through YTC, you must keep your payments current or you will be in default of this agreement.  You will forfeit your tuition in the training.  YTC will have the right to terminate this contract,  upon such termination, you will be subject to the Damages Fee set forth below.
    5. Damages Fee: Because it would be extremely difficult and impractical to assess actual damages suffered by us in the event you default or terminate your Agreement you agree to be charged $1,750. This is a nonrefundable, non-returnable Administrative fee.
    6. No-Show Fee: If you do not attend the event without express written consent from YTC, you will forfeit your tuition for the event.
    7. Discount Verification: Any discounts offered for Events are subject to verification of eligibility of the discount by YTC. If after entering into the Agreement, YTC determines that you do not meet the eligibility qualifications for the discount offered, your payment amount owed will revert to the full price





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