The Pantry and Our Mind

How do you keep your pantry and mind organized?

If you are like many, you try to keep things in a certain order.

Do you keep canned veggies with other canned veggies; canned proteins like beans are in their area. Is everything placed in its section, with the older cans in the front to be used first?

This concept of rotating foods to keep the older foods in front is something many people use to keep food from being thrown out due to spoilage.

This concept makes a lot of sense and is useful in life to be efficient. Yet, while we may apply this type of discipline to the pantry; our minds are often left to its own vices which can be detrimental.

Cleaning out our thoughts and memories helps one to improve their life and be most efficient.

Sometimes, when a pantry gets into a state of disarray it’s not your fault. Right? You may not be the only hands that entered through the pantry doors so it’s easy for someone else to run rough shod through the shelves to get what they need.

The organization may be appreciated by whoever gets in there, but it does not seem to matter to them the same way it is important to the organizer. We can even get mad or in our feels about how someone else operates. How this helps the problem is beyond me.

Back to the pantry and people getting into it and creating disorganization. When this happens, we often take time to reorganize and get things back to a system that functions better for everyone. We do this in our pantry, however, for most of our lives we do not do this in our minds.

When was the last time you allowed outside influences to come into your thinking? Did you question the outside influence and thoughts, or did you just let them sit in your old noodle and simmer… maybe even stay forever?

Truth is, we do not always keep our thoughts tidy. Sometimes, we would let our thoughts run wild in our minds causing us to be unstable in our ways or to become too hard in the way we respond to things.

Everyone has different ways of valuing their time and efforts and each person gets to choose how they prioritize their lives. This is a judgement free zone. However, we all get to choose if we are going to keep living a certain way or strive for a different way that may be more beneficial overall.

our minds

Going through ECA Level I and Level II with The Yager Training Company provides you with a unique opportunity to sort through your thoughts and create an organization system that enables you to become more aligned with your true self. When this happens, life seems to function more efficiently. Going through the pantry of our mind is like clearing out the food that is out of date and could prove harmful if ingested.

You deserve to be healthy and to have optimal performance both physically and mentally. Be encouraged and know that you are worth the investment. Come to the trainings and learn the tools needed for this type of growth. You will be amazed at your own ability to heal.

~ Amie, Master Coach

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