Life-changing NLP trainings for Coaches:  Learn the powerful tools you need to transform your money, your clients, and your life.

We help Coaches & Entrepreneurs attract and close high-paying quality clients so they can have the Time and Money to do the things they love.




Are you struggling to make consistent sales?

It doesn’t have to feel so painful. Unlock the skillset that gets your clients, breakthrough results.

What Makes Us So Different?

Most NLP trainers teach at a surface-level, giving you the foundation but leaving you hanging with how to monetize your new skill or implement it into your current structure. We take our students on a journey of elevating their capacity to understand the unconscious mind and then provide a blueprint for success. 

The approach we bring to our training mirrors our life, relationship, and business. Incorporating NLP changed our lives and our business almost 10 years ago, which is why we believe in the power it has to change yours.

3 day live event

3 Day Business Breakthrough Training

                                     $ 995


per person

How many missed sales and lost opportunities are you going to have?


How much is your current way of thinking costing your business due to poor communication?


How much is this high turn over costing your business?


How long will you continue with scarcity mindset, while you're business suffers.


Could you be losing thousands of dollars, because you simply didn't make the time to invest in yourself.


Learn the success secrets that wealthy people already know, take action and invest in this special offer.

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“Life-changing experience, to become the best you in business and life is the most amazing part of training”

-Tony Prohl
Serial Entrepreneur

“Next day I landed a 6 figure deal for my company by utilizing the language tools I learned in the training”

-Brian Jones
Life and Leadership coach

I got certified in practitioner in December, and after training, that last $12,000 client that I manifested came through!

-Alyssa Patmos


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Train Your Mind with Powerful Practical Knowledge Needed to Succeed in Life and Business

7 day certification

NLP Practitioner

$ 5,995

per person

3 DAY Certification

Modern Hypnosis

$ 1,595

per person

Next Training

3 Day

Business Breakthrough

$ 995

$ 197

per person

NLP Master Practitioner

$ 7,695

per person

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3-day Business Breakthrough

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