Becoming and Personal Growth


Do you ever stop to think of all the titles and names you have used throughout your life? Some titles and names were unique and specific and some were general, one size fits all.

One day you were born. You were a “newborn”; the title given to you in that moment and for a little while beyond the date of birth (DOB). Then you were named.

As time passed, you quickly became known as the “baby”. Then, the “toddler”, the “Kindergartner” and so on through the elementary grades. You may have been a ballerina or the actress at given times; the basketball player, the head cheerleader, the STEM star, the violinist, even 1stchair, etc.

Regardless of the titles and names that you have grown through… time kept passing by. You may have become a college student or gone through skills training. The titles and names probably grew to things more meaningful. Yet, all of it was all but for the fleeting moment of the time you were in that place.

I went into the U.S. Navy; I was a Sailor. I was a Sailor for 20 long years. Yes, there were many different names and titles I held in the Navy. Some of my favorites were an advocate, a suicide prevention specialist, a leader, and the tried-and-true title of friend.

I retired from the Navy after 20 years. One day I was in the Navy and then I was not. Time kept passing by.

With everything in life, I have found two things that are consistent… time keeps passing and things will change.

These two could be thought in isolation of the other, however; I find that they go hand in hand. As long as time keeps passing by change is inevitable.

Change is inevitable.

And I ask you, how have you been growing and changing throughout these years? Or do you think you are who you have always been?

Interesting to think that I once thought that my past comprised all of me. I mean, let’s be honest. My past had some play into who I had become. Equally true, though, is the realization that I am no longer a Sailor, a college student, a teenager, or a newborn. I am just no longer those representations of who I was.

I am becoming… day by day, step by step.

each day is a new beginning

Have you ever heard that saying that each day is a new beginning? I had heard this throughout my life but never really comprehended the depth of this phrase. I never comprehended it because I was stuck… living in the past.

My past defined me and gave me meaning. Also true, and eye opening, my past was the one thing that held me back time and time again. I had goals and visions of this amazing future. I kept trying to attain my goals and the things which I dreamt of only to come up missing the goal. It got to a point that I questioned my own ability and motivation. I was in a tail spin. I was afraid of the future, and I regretted the past. I was stuck in what seemed like a bad movie. A really bad movie.

I had spent countless years reading self-help books, going through different modes of therapy (which served its purpose in those times), self-medicating with all sorts of things that only wreaked havoc on my body. Nothing was really getting to the root of the problem.

Until one day, I got curious about what else there was to life. I kept getting more and more curious. And then it happened. I had spoken with a friend about my journey thus far and how I wanted to go through some specialized training that might help me straighten my life out.

She recommended I start with an online course to get my feet wet to see if it would be worthwhile to pursue further. So, I did that. I signed up for the course and made the investment to do some self-study. And guess what…I didn’t finish the course until almost a year had passed. Life happened, I got busy or distracted with other shiny things.

That course just sat there waiting for me to invest my time into it. That course was the one thing that sent my life into a better trajectory.

I finally went through the modules and grew my mind in ways I never imagined.


I hired a coach afterwards because I wanted to get help from someone outside of the normal mental health options. What I wanted was a someone who would accompany me on this new journey I was on for a period of time.

I hired at least three different coaches in that first year after going through the online training. Why? Because my future was worth it. And I was willing to do what it took to ensure my growth was monumental.

My coaches helped me to dig deep, real deep to get to root causes of some of my nuances. I began to experience healing in a whole new way. Opportunities came my way more quickly. I easily said yes to the opportunities to be coached because I saw the value.

I ended up going through ECA Level I and II and eventually ESA because my future was totally worth my willingness to change, to let go of the past.

The investment I made is small in comparison to all that I have gained along the way and all that I continue to experience. I got the courage to be real with myself, to honor what was important to me (i.e. starting my own business) and to heal at my core.

I am no longer all those roles that I played throughout my life. I am now who I choose to be each and every day. I am becoming more and more. Life is exciting and new. All because I decided I was worth it.

~ Amie, Master Coach

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