We met years ago at our master’s level NLP training. (If you didn’t know that NLP training was the best dating pool for awake individuals, now you know!)

Both of us were completely different people, as evidenced by our stories above. Brandon spotted Deb across the room, and something just clicked. Hey, when you know, you know.

Deb was equally attracted but not looking for a relationship.

As most people do when you have an instant hit of attraction, you spend some time together. Since we were at this training, we were able to “play house” for a bit.

After a week of long conversations, opened emotional wounds, tears, connection, tenderness, ecstasy, and even a pawned ring — we knew this was “it.”

Today, we’re a happily married couple running a successful coaching company. Yager Training has helped over 500 professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs unlock the power of their minds, sparking shifts that have led to 6- and 7-figure deals, consistent 5+ figure months, and other incredible opportunities.

We’re not “perfect” by any means. We didn’t have life handed to us on a silver platter. Just like you, we are messy humans who make mistakes. We bring this energy with us on stage at our trainings and events because magic & transformation only happens through the mess.

We love and believe in NLP, and have adapted it for the modern-day coach and entrepreneur. No stuffy, crusty, pompous attitudes here. We’ve revolutionized the tool to make it even more effective.

When we’re not making a difference in our clients’ lives, we love playing outdoors with our beloved pitbull babies, Rex and Pooh-bear, cooking and savoring healthy food, connecting with our soul sisters and brothers, and creating a bold, more beautiful world.

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