A one-year training program that transforms you into one of the world’s most elite Professional Speakers and NLP Trainers.

Become a 6-7 figure business owner
and a sought-after leader with this
game-changing training.

2 People in training

Are you:

  • A Coach who wants to grow your platform and impact more people?
  • An Entrepreneur who wants to speak at top events and industry conferences, leading others to greatness?
  • An Author who wants to go beyond the book and create a global movement around your message?
  • A Trainer who wants to create a lucrative certification program to scale your business to new heights?

The Elite Speaking Academy (ESA) is a one-year, robust speaker and NLP trainer certification and business growth program.

This program is perfect for those who want to:

  • Become one of the most sought-after experts in the world, attracting opportunities with ease.
  • Get hired as a keynote speaker at renowned conferences and events.
  • Create a massive movement with millions of fans and followers.
  • Get invited to closed-door events only available to the elite.
  • Be splashed on the cover of magazines and featured in prominent media worldwide.


In the Elite Speaking Academy, you’ll learn how to unlock your natural charisma and leave audiences clamoring for more.

Our training helps you gain instant rapport, control the crowd, effectively teach content, and “sell” your audience without feeling like you’re selling anything. This method works in-person and online.

When you build group training and workshops into your business model, your profits will explode to new heights!


Elite Speaker Training

Learn the secrets of top professional speakers to captivate audiences and command premium rates. Includes live, in-person training in Austin, Texas.

NLP Trainer Certification

Get your NLP certification so you can host your first NLP Practitioner Certification event (including all the training slides and 1:1 support to help you be successful)

Build a Certification Program

Access a certification program blueprint that will triple your revenue.

Elite-Level Coaching and Support

You’ll get intimate, weekly group coaching and additional 1:1 support. We are committed to your success.

Build your Inner Circle

Your success depends on those you surround yourself with. Here, you’ll connect with like-minded people and create exciting partnerships.

Discover your Profitable Niche

You’ll receive personalized consulting to define your niche, create your own intellectual property, and implement scalable business systems.

Stories that Sell

Unravel your signature story that leaves people yearning for more.

Lucrative Live Events

Discover how to host and sell out your live events.

Scale Beyond 6-Figures

A blueprint, templates, and tools to step into leadership and scale your business beyond 6-Figures.

Done-For-You Excellence Toolbox

Scripts, templates, tools, checklists, and teaching slides. Everything you need at your fingertips.

Behind the Velvet Rope

Get an all-access pass into how we run our events and sell from the stage.

Red Carpet Treatment

World-class student support, surprise bonus content, and VIP pricing to future Yager Training events.


Along with your ESA enrollment, you’ll access these exciting bonuses.

Full Access to the Elite Coaching Academy ($15,000 Value)
A one-year, dynamic & comprehensive certification program. Get Practitioner Training
with 4 Certifications and Master Practitioner Training with 4 Certifications – in NLP, Life
Coaching, Hypnosis, and Quantum Time Technique.

Coaching and Accountability (Priceless)
Achieve your goals, improve your money mindset, and release limiting beliefs with the
help of an in-house Master Certified Coach.


Hey future Elites, Leaders, and Go-To Authorities,

We’re Deb and Brandon Yager, husband & wife and co-founders of Yager Training.

We met years ago at our first NLP training. At the time, Brandon was an overweight Realtor, working day & night to close deals, and completely unfulfilled both professionally and personally. Deb was an illiterate, (drug)-addicted stripper & sex worker, with deep-bodied shame and issues with self-worth.

Today, we’re a happily married couple running a successful coaching company. We are fully confident in our value and potential. We even scaled our business to 7-figures during a pandemic.

Both of us are considered industry leaders, and we’d love to teach you how we went from rock bottom (more than once) to becoming a respected authority and sought-after expert.


  • Complete Your ESA On-Boarding Session
  • Get Access to Your Online Training and Coaching Portal
    Meet Your Master Coach + Start Private Coaching and Accountability
  • Learn from Our Monthly Exclusive Speaker’s Group Coaching Sessions
  • Improve Your Money Mindset with Our Monthly Money Mindset Sessions
  • Attend the Live Event in Austin, Texas from July 26 to August 12, 2022
  • Get Certified as a NLP Trainer and Elite Speaker
  • Use Our Tools, Templates, and Done-For-You Slides to Host Your First Live Event
  • Grow Your Speaking, Training, and Coaching Business with Confidence
  • Build Relationships within the ESA Community


We are searching for the next generation of thought leaders.

Clients tell us that after this training, they feel they can conquer ANYTHING.

Are you ready for this level of excellence?

Own the stage. Own your work. Own your worth.

The world is waiting for you.

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