Yager Stories

Stories of our clients and students and how NLP changed their lives

Holly Minter
Lupita Villela
Lexi Little
Kole Whitty

Keith Norris

Christin Menendez
Master Coach & Trainer
TaVona Denise Boggs
Dr. Elena Villanueva
Modern Holistic Health
Jack Raia
Isaac Haggins
Greg Platz
Modern Holistic Health
Connor Bell
Sales Professional & Coach
Brittney Wylde
Copyrighter & Coach

Boris Peyshakhov

Megan Blacksmith
Hiral Patel
Women’s Empowerment Coach


NLP is one of the most effective methods for creating rapport with your unconscious mind to rapidly release old programming, shift your beliefs, and change your behavior to create massive results in your life and business. When you increase your behavioral flexibility not only does your attitude and ability to find solutions increase, your results do too. This translates to deeper connections, increased confidence, and more sales.

NLP is also a profound skill to add to your toolkit to increase your results with clients. If you’re a coach read more about why NLP is the missing link you need in your coaching practice

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