Join us for an epic, live & in-person experience…

The Profit Accelerator

September 13 to 15, 2024 

3 Pulse-pounding training days.

Learn how to captivate audiences, close sales with confidence, and create massive results in your business.

Hosted by:

Deb and Brandon Yager

NLP Trainers + Master Breakthrough Coaches.
Co-Founders of Yager Training.

You’re a driven, talented professional who deserves success. But…

With the current state of the economy, you’re undercharging (and often over delivering).
Your sales are inconsistent and unpredictable.
You’ve tried lots of marketing strategies that keep you busy but don’t convert into sales.
Getting on the phone and having sales conversations rarely (if ever) happens. When it does, you’re tripping and stumbling over your words. And you never follow up.
Your competition is scooping up all the opportunities and clients. Why don’t people see YOUR value?

Get up close and personal with us for a few days. We’ll show you how to:

Own your worth and gain the confidence to share it with the world.
Get sales flowing consistently.
Stop wasting your time on busywork that doesn’t “work.”
Handle sales conversations with ease – closing clients without the struggle (or the pit in your stomach)
Up-level your business and unlock incredible opportunities that are waiting for you.

Here’s What Past Attendees Have To Say

Surinder Gill, NLP Trainer

Natalie Ledbetter, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Surinder Gill, NLP Trainer

Natalie Ledbetter, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

“I now have the secret sauce of high performers after attending The Profit Accelerator. I realized I don’t have to push so hard anymore, and it feels great.

Like a lot of us, I was feeling the calling to change. I’ve stepped into the power of the true leader that I want to be. Take the leap of faith and attend this training to get your breakthrough, too!”

– Conner Bell, Coach + Sales Professional 

“I learned to be more confident speaking in front of a room full of people and confidently share my message and what I do…

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to grow their confidence, their sales skills, and their leadership skills…

You can apply this to any area of your life…the way you feel about yourself…the way you do relationships…
I highly highly recommend anything that Deb and Brandon offer. They are the real deal and so amazing.”

– Stephanie Bellinger, Spiritual Business Coach

“I’ve had NLP on my mind for years after doing many Tony Robbins events. so when I heard my mastermind sister was doing it, I was all in!

I purchased on feeling and never looked back. I now have lots of tools to work with to share with my clients and, most of all, incredibly happy with the money breakthroughs that I had.

And feeling worthy of the abundance that was already starting to flow in. Do it. This will change your business and life.”

– Megan Blacksmith, Co-Founder of Zesty Ginger + Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Expert

“The in-person training is epic! My biggest obstacle to signing up was my old money story.

My wife was undercharging for our services, and she said that she wanted to move beyond it, and I wanted to move beyond it, too.

I made back my investment plus $9,800 during The Profit Accelerator training… No brainer.

– Tah Whitty, Relationship Coach

Get ready to…


General Ticket


                                     Valued at $1,997

General admission to the event where you will upgrade your success toolkit.


Breakthrough the Money Problems and Scarcity Mindset that keep you broke

Finally get clarity on your business and your offer so you can share it confidently with anyone, anywhere

Start charging what you’re worth so you can have the bandwith to overdeliver for your clients



VIP Access Ticket


                                     Valued at $2,997

Everything you get with General Admission PLUS:


Catered Breakfast (light) and Lunch for each day of the event + access to a lunctime biz panel with expert speakers and business owners sharing their wisdom

NLP Made Simple (our flagship online course on the basics of NLP

Values Evolution (learn to use NLP as a leader to motivate and inspire others)

The Profit Accelerator Online (access to a previously recorded version of this Profit Accelerator event)


Deb and Brandon Yager are the co-founders of Yager Training, an Austin-based company that helps entrepreneurs radically up-level their business and life.

Deb Yager

Deb is a Master Trainer and Master Coach of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.) She is passionate about helping others identify their false limitations and actualize their full potential.

With a history of addiction, toxic relationships, and massive debt, Deb has transformed even the most dire circumstances into happiness and success. With heart, grit, and tenacious spirit, Deb dedicates her life to helping others transform in a way that feels like pure magic.

Brandon Yager

Brandon is a Master NLP Coach and Trainer. He is incredibly skilled in helping entrepreneurs navigate tough sales conversations, boldly communicate their wants and desires, and negotiate like a champion.

Brandon started his own business at the age of 18, unlearning inherited beliefs around money, sales, and success that held him back from uncovering his true potential. He went on to build a statewide real estate company, met the love of his life and business partner (Deb), and is passionate about helping all entrepreneurs, including those in traditional careers like real estate, to change their limiting beliefs and carve a powerful path to excellence.


NLP is one of the most effective methods used to shift outdated, unhelpful beliefs, change your behavior, and create massive results in your life and business. This translates to deeper connections, increased confidence, and more sales.

At Yager Training, we do NLP in a whole new way. We’ve removed the clinical, jargon-filled, stuffy elements and modernized and upgraded the toolkit to help you wake up and actualize your full potential.

Want more profits? More purpose? More pleasure in your life and business?

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