The Map Is Not The Territory


Anyone remember back before the Google Maps or all the other mapping apps when you would travel to new locations and need a physical map?

I remember sitting with the map and writing out with pen and paper the different twists and turns from point A to point B. I didn’t know how many stop lights were in between one turn to the next, but I had street names and maybe other significant landmarks along the route.

There were times that I did not write out the steps between my beginning point and destination. It was during these times that I had quite a different experience as I drove along on my trip. Let’s let “different” remain completely neutral in this moment.

What is the difference between mapping the trip and not mapping the trip?

First, if I take the time to map the trip out, I feel a sense of knowing how to accomplish what I am setting out to do.

Second, if I have mapped the trip out, I know approximately how many hours my drive may take.

Third, knowing the route helps me have a vision for where I am going.

If I decide to wing it without planning the trip I am down for an adventure. I may miss a turn somewhere or be looking over at the map while driving which is not recommended. I could end up somewhere that I do not intend to be.

The difference between these two experiences is simple… my reality will be different.

Did you know that my reality is that only… mine? My reality is not the final say, not the reality of most, and not the model of all things. My reality is my model of the world only.

And everyone has their own model of the world based on their life experiences, how they internalize information and influences, and how they get out of bed in the morning.

Do you know what I mean? Is this making sense?

When we learn how to respect other people’s model of the world, we will find that we can exist side by side one another more compatibly.

We have more in common than we have different. When we can grow and evolve into a human collective that leads with love and kindness for our fellow humans, we can create massive results.

The time has come to find a way to accept one another for what we bring to the table. If there were a magic pill, button, or formula I would have found it by now. What I have found was doing the deep work that results in personal freedom.

Freedom to stop judging and freedom to be present in the moment honoring oneself and others.

Don’t think it is possible?

I dare you to give it a try. ECA Level I and Level II brought the clarity in my life that I had desperately sought for. I learned how to love myself and others with a purity that came from inner work. I learned how to be present with the things that I once may have rejected. I learned how to truly lead from a place of seeking to understand rather than demanding I be understood.

Look around, our world is changing. To be relevant in the future it is imperative that you become HEALED NOW! You are worthy of healing, and it is within your reach. Take the first step by saying yes to your future.

The map is changing daily. It’s time now to find our way to show up and be who we are meant to be for this ever changing world. The time is NOW.

~ Amie, Master Coach

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