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Hi, I’m Deb Yager. I’m a Master Trainer, Master Coach of NLP, and co-Founder of Yager Training.

While today my bio might look flush with success, it certainly didn’t start that way. I grew up in Missouri with a loving family, but like many young women, I fell into the wrong crowd. Addiction, toxic relationships, and massive debt consumed my life. My former identity: illiterate, (drug)-addicted stripper & sex worker.

In those years, I hit rock bottom a thousand times and didn’t even realize who I was anymore. I only saw two paths before me: end up in prison, or end up dead.

Neither of these seemed like particularly ideal options, so I searched and searched until I met a new friend with whom I had an instant connection. I watched this incredible woman go from substitute teaching to owning her own studio to training other teachers. I desperately wanted to know her secret.

One day, I mustered the courage to ask. She revealed that her “secret” was a tool called NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I remember the first time I took an NLP training – staring at the people on stage in complete awe. They spoke differently and just vibrated on a whole different level. I wanted some of that magic in my life right away.

Oh, and I met Brandon during NLP training, now my husband and business partner. But more on that later.

My NLP Coaches and Trainers saw greatness in me. They believed in me when I was unable to believe in myself.

It took me several years, panic attacks, and wild learning curves to get out of my own way. I struggled intensely with social anxiety, motor skills, language skills, and was plagued with crushing doubt and fear. But I kept leaning in. I kept showing up.

Even after I started gaining traction and achieving success, I hid a major part of myself: my story. I felt like an imposter. Would people take me seriously if I told them I was once a drug addict and sex worker? I thought I’d kicked my shame to the curb, and here it was resurfacing.

After connecting with several students with similar backgrounds, I realized the power in my story. And by opening up and sharing it, like I’m doing with you here, I hope to empower you to share your own story with the world.

Today, I’m clean. I’m successful. I’m happy. My past no longer weighs me down. I’ve transformed the most dire circumstances into personal power and wisdom. My passion is helping women become unapologetic, liberated, free of shame — and empowering them to speak their truth with confidence.

Because THAT is pure magic.

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4 Most Requested Stage or Podcast Topics

"Beyond Perfection" | Embracing Excellence without Limits

“Beyond Perfection” is an enlightening talk designed to unravel, let go of the complexities of perfectionism, and guide women towards a healthy and balanced approach to personal and professional achievement. While embodying self-love and self-acceptance to uncover the inner confidence that exists in all of us.

The Art of Influence | Sell Without “Selling”

How to use the power of conscious language to gain more confidence, attract more clients, close deals, and transform your business.  The Lost Secret of Communication, Deb will show you how to foster deep meaningful relationships while inspiring others to live their best life!

From Scarcity to Abundance | "Unlock Your World of Possibilities"

Deb Yager’s powerful personal story of overcoming the most challenging obstacles to transform your life and actualize your limitless potential.  She will show you 3 ways to “Transform Your Story of Scarcity” Attendees will learn how to break free from the chains of scarcity thinking that hold them back. Discover how to cultivate an abundance mindset that encourages gratitude, fosters loving relationships, and opens the door to new opportunities.

Lead With Your Full Potential

Many leaders follow an outdated template that’s ineffective and stagnates growth. Learn our signature “Elite Leadership” method to achieve personal and professional excellence.  All leaders are coaches first, learn to be your best coach then let us show you the process of coaching others and get paid to transform lives.  The most fulfilling career one can obtain.

Professional Bios

Main Bio:

Deb Yager is a distinguished figure in the realm of personal development, serving as the co-founder of Yager Training Co., a prestigious organization dedicated to the education and certification of the world’s foremost coaches, speakers, and leaders. Her company plays a pivotal role in equipping individuals to enact significant transformations in the lives of others, setting a high standard in the training and coaching industry.

As a Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an acclaimed Women’s Performance Coach, Deb is deeply committed to facilitating personal liberation, unapologetic self-expression, and the elimination of shame among her clients. Her approach empowers them to embrace their best lives with confidence and vigor. Deb’s journey to success is a testament to her resilience and dedication. Having overcome the challenges of drug addiction and her past as a stripper, she now channels her experiences into powerful lessons of transformation and self-belief for leaders seeking to elevate their mindset and unlock their fullest potential.

Deb’s work transcends the boundaries of professional coaching; she is also a passionate philanthropist, dedicated to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on a global scale. Her interests include exploring adventures outdoors, indulging in nutritious culinary experiences, nurturing connections with cherished friends, and contributing to the creation of a bolder and more beautiful world.


Short Bio:

Deb Yager, co-founder of Yager Training Co., stands at the forefront of personal development as a Master Trainer of NLP and Women’s Performance Coach. Her remarkable journey from a past marred by drug addiction and stripping to becoming a beacon of transformation exemplifies her dedication to empowering leaders and individuals to achieve their utmost potential. Through her work, she educates and certifies professionals, coaches, speakers, and leaders, fostering profound life changes while striving to create a more vibrant world.  Discover more about Deb’s transformative work at

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