Ever felt overwhelmed with this, that, or the other?  It happens…sometimes more than we’d like (cancel, clear, delete).  And you can change right now and decide that you will choose to be at cause, taking full responsibility for your life.  Sound too easy?

I bet you are working hard, trying to do all the things that needed to be done.  You probably work all day, came home, and took care of the kids, and then housework not to mention running kids around and errands.  Managing the day to day may seem to be getting…to be a lot.  And to top it off, that hobby you once enjoyed is now distant memories.

What if you could do one simple thing to change it all?

I know you may be thinking…”yeah right.”  There are several books you could read that could probably help you develop a plan to be less overwhelmed.  You could go see a therapist and talk through various ways to decrease the noise.  Both are all great ways to begin to tack the problem of overwhelm yet there is little guarantee that either will be what will get you through this time.

I have found some tools that have helped build a more grateful heart and mind and trust me, prior to learning these tools I did the self-help book, the inspirational reads and therapy.  Nothing helped me stay consistent as much as choosing to be at cause and then making choice from there.

So let’s get to it. Envision a life where you are surrounded with peace and joy because it is possible, isn’t it?  What do you want to feel instead of overwhelm?  Write that down.  This will be value X. 

Knowing what you want is vital to overcoming the struggles.  Think of a time in your past when you had X.  As you think about that see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt being totally X’d.  While you are thinking about that, really get a clear picture of it and then create a resource anchor by adding stimuli (pressure) to a point on your body that would be normal to access at a later time.  This is how you begin to change the story to help you choose to be at cause more and more which will minimize those negative feelings. 

Don’t believe me?  Come out to our next ECA Level I and get started on making huge, powerful shifts in your life that enable you to be, do, and have everything you have wanted.  The whole world is waiting for you to overcome what’s holding you back.       


~Master Coach Amie A.

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