How to Increase Your Trust and Self-Confidence

Having Trust and Self-Confidence

Have you ever questioned yourself once you have made a decision about something?

Chances are you have. It is a common occurrence, actually.

Throughout our life, we are often taught to second guess ourselves. Other people’s opinions, demands, expectations, and questions can easily plant seeds of doubt.

Did you know that learning to trust yourself is one of the most important skills to learn in order to create the life you want? Trusting yourself means identifying what is true for you and staying the course despite those that may not understand.

Do you tend to be a perfectionist? Being a perfectionist is one way to approach life, however; it can come at quite a cost because whatever you do may not ever be enough. That’s right.

You can give your best effort plus some and yet it’s never good enough. By learning to trust yourself means you treat yourself with love and compassion. Love and compassion is not necessarily synonymous with perfectionism. This may feel as if my proposal is difficult or unrealistic.

Contrary to popular belief, the more you can accept your efforts the more you begin to trust yourself and the more you realize you can survive difficult things. Powerful stuff right there.

Lacking self-trust can look like feeling you are not good enough, being overly critical of yourself, asking everyone else’s opinions before deciding, doubting your decisions, doing things at the advice of others even if it is harmful to you, hiding your authentic self or feeling overly self-conscious. This all can make you feel as though you are operating in a million and one different directions instead of following a clear path.

Self-trust can include things like having confidence that you can do hard things, knowing when to take time for yourself even if it means missing out on something. Expressing yourself with honesty and openness and being aware of your thoughts and feelings also contribute to growing in your ability to trust yourself.

Sounds simple right? Well, there are some key techniques you could use to help build your ability to trust yourself.

You could begin by recognizing your patterns and the way you talk to yourself. What do you say when no one else is listening? Truth be told, many of us grow up with some negative baggage that is inherited from others whether it is parents, school personnel, or friends.

It is our responsibility as adults to notice our thoughts and patterns and to question our limited thinking and our limiting beliefs.

By identifying these you can begin on a path of rediscovering the ‘You’ that you can trust.


Beyond the above things you can do to begin your journey toward increased self-trust, you can invest in yourself in ECA Level I & II offered through Yager Training Company.

These two courses are a sure-fireway to move through your limiting beliefs and decisions. Throughout these courses you will begin to loosen the grip on self-doubt and any self-esteem deficiencies and learn how to trust yourself more and more while developing your self-confidence.

What’s holding you back? Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make… it makes all the difference!

~ Amie, Master Coach

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